Vodafone negotiating acquisition of Liberty Global’s European assets

VodafoneVodafone Group is negotiating to acquire European assets owned by the cable company Liberty Global. The UK-based telecom says talks are in an “early phase” and “not sure” if there will have a deal. A possible transaction would include assets in markets where Vodafone already operates – Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The world’s second largest mobile operator, founded in the 1980s, works in over 30 countries and has attracted over 400 million customers.

The company is focuses on mobile services, but has recently expanded its optical infrastructure that supports faster internet.

For its part, Liberty Global also operates in over 30 countries, but its focus is the delivery of television and internet services. It is owned by billionaire John Malone. In Europe, the company operates in 12 countries under the names Virgin Media and Telenet.

In recent years, huge deals in the industry have not been missed since telecoms have begun offering their customers also packages of TV, internet, mobile and fixed telephone services.

In the year 2015, the two companies again held similar talks, but then there was no deal.