Euronext acquires Irish Stock Exchange for 137 million EUR

Irish stock exchangeEuronext acquires Irish Stock Exchange for 137 million EUR. The transaction represents a move by the ISE to deepen ties with mainland Europe and an effort by Euronext to expand its revenue base and its position in debt and fund listings.

The agreed deal, which was confirmed by both sides after European markets closed, includes a payment of €137 million for all of the Irish Stock Exchange’s shares and the equivalent of 21.8 million EUR, representing the company’s regulatory capital requirements.

“Significant opportunities to arise through the joining of ISE to Euronext federal model and leveraging Euronext’s technology, support and services”, said the Irish Stock Exchange in a statement.

The CEO of Irish Stock Exchange, Deirdre Somers, will be Euronext’s Head of Debt, Funds and ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) listing and member of Euronext Managing Board.

The Irish Stock Exchange has more than 30,000 securities from 80 countries and 4,000 issuers listed on its markets.