Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Huvepharma acquired the US veterinary giant AgriLabs

HuvepharmaThe Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Huvepharma acquired the US veterinary giant AgriLabs. The move will expand the presence of the Bulgarian company on the US market and will bring new opportunities for the realization of its production.

AgriLabs is one of the largest US companies for animal feeds and organic products related to farm animal health. It is a proven name, working for more than 30 years in its branch. The acquisition also includes the three subsidiaries of the American company – Benchmark Biolabs, Antelope Valley Bios and VaxLiant, specializing in research, production and innovation of vaccines, food and animal feed additives.

“We are very excited about the talents and technologies that are part of AgriLabs’ business, and we are in favor of Huwepharma’s strategy of creating a balanced portfolio of products and increasing our presence in the global marketplace”, said the president of Huvepharma USA, Glen Wilkinson.

“We are delighted to be part of Huvepharma’s world health company, as this acquisition will provide resources for faster introduction of new solutions for veterinarians and manufacturers”, said the President and CEO of AgriLabs, Steve Schram.

Huwepharma and AgriLabs are complementary to their business and products and will be a major factor in the American market for animal food and products. Following the acquisition, the Bulgarian company’s factories in the United States become 6.